Black Anvil Discusses New Music and Plans for 2018

Black Anvil Discusses New Music and Plans for 2018

Black Anvil has been on a rising path ever since they formed in 2007. Some say they change their sound with each album. But the band believes they’re on an upward progression.

Black Anvil is the perfect example of a modern innovative black metal band. Listening to them, you can tell they’re influenced by a wide range of music — from raw sounds to beautiful melodies, this band includes it all. Because of this, Black Anvil truly stands out.

This was my first time seeing Black Anvil perform. I was truly captivated by their energy and their stage presence. They lit incense as they headbanged, surrounded by clouds of fog. No one will ever forget a Black Anvil performance.

I can’t think of a better opener for the legendary Mayhem. Black Anvil has the intensity found in extreme metal but embodies the modern progression the metal genre is enduring. Black Anvil captivates this style perfectly in their newest release As Was.

For 2018, expect some new material. In the interview, Black Anvil teased an EP. They also stated they will start writing for their new album and recording. Black Anvil may be quiet for a year or so, but they will come back hard in the future.

I was able to speak with Black Anvil when they played the De Mysteriis Dom Satanas Tour at The Orpheum in Tampa, Florida. They discussed the tour, the difference between Part I and Part II of the tour, and gave some information on new music.

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Black Anvil Discusses New Music and Plans for 2018