Brutality Footage at Metal for the Military

Brutality Footage at Metal for the Military

No death metal force is more destructive than Brutality. All of their music — from Screams of Anguish to Sea of Ignorance — is the embodiment of powerful death metal.

Even though their music is brutal, the dexterity shows off their level of musicianship. You can hear their unique sound with each solo. It’s always a pleasure working with these guys. These guys are so good — I still can’t believe I can honestly say they’re my friends. The will always have my support!

No matter how many times I’ve seen Brutality live, they never get old. Especially when I watched them rehearse over the summer to watching them live in the fall, their sound is tight and faultless. This is when you know a band is truly good — when their rehearsals are just as good as the live show. Hopefully, Brutality can do a lot more touring and playing so other death metal fans can experience their live show.

Here’s the footage I caught of Brutality when they played Metal for the Military in Tampa, Florida. Keep in mind, I didn’t catch their whole set.

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Brutality Footage at Metal for the Military