Live Footage Mash-Up Featuring Superjoint, King Parrot, and Child Bite

Live Footage Mash-Up Featuring Superjoint, King Parrot, and Child Bite

On October 19, I was able to finally see Superjoint perform. I’ve been a big Phil Anselmo fan ever since I discovered Pantera when I was younger. And surprisingly, this was my first time seeing him perform live.

Direct support was Devildriver. I’ve seen them play before, but they’re always a good show. But it was my first time seeing Cane Hill, King Parrot, and Child Bite.

The show started with local band Kadaver Dolls. They put on a good show; lived up the crowd before the touring bands. There were a lot of people in the crowd. That made me happy, very few people get to the show early to check out the locals.

I was excited to see Child Bite perform, and they put on a great show. Child Bite is definitely one of the more unique bands I’ve seen, and vocalist Shawn Knight told me they’re playing for an unknown crowd each time they tour. But they impressed me and the St. Petersburg crowd.

Cane Hill was next. I never heard of this band, but I definitely appreciated their style. They’re revolutionizing nu-metal. I appreciate this because nu-metal was popular when I was first getting into metal. I’m sure Cane Hill will continue to do better things as their career progresses!

Up next was King Parrot, and boy was I stoked to see them. Their music is chaotic even on recording, and I expected their live show to be insanity. It was that, and so much more. The crowd was going crazy with all of King Parrot’s fast and aggressive songs. It was completely exhilarating watching them perform. And of course, I couldn’t get enough of vocalist Youngy’s Australian accent.

Devildriver came on after, and you know who St. Pete was excited to see. So much headbanging and moshing in the crowd. But I appreciated vocalist Dez Fafara calling out someone who was bleeding in the pit and had security escort him out.

It was finally time for Superjoint. I’m a fan of heavier music, and Superjoint is one of my favorite bands featuring Phil because of their sludgier New Orleans sound. Each song sounded perfect; when I was editing the footage, it felt like I plummeted back into the venue. I just wish I could have stayed for the whole show. I was having migraines that whole day, so after I filmed a few songs I decided to go home and rest. But that just means I need to see Superjoint again!

Check out the footage mash-up I got of Child Bite, King Parrot, and Superjoint!

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Live Footage Mash-Up Featuring Superjoint, King Parrot, and Child Bite