Matt of Kublai Khan Discusses Nomad and Touring

Matt of Kublai Khan Discusses Nomad and Touring

Kublai Khan makes some of the most aggressive music in metal. They don’t bow down to anyone and they don’t let other bands in the genre stand in their way.

This was my first time seeing them play live, and it was an extremely intense experience. Each song was heavy and the crowd was raging. There were times I had to move to a different spot because I was afraid someone would hit me and break my camera! But what was most memorable was how passionate the crowd was. Fans in the front fought for the mic, and vocalist Matt Honeycutt gladly gave them the mic to growl the verses.

On September 29, Kublai Khan released their newest album Nomad. The band just signed to Rise Records, but this signing didn’t hinder or diminish their heaviness. Each song is just as in-your-face and aggressive.

It’s obvious this album will begin a new chapter in Kublai Khan’s legacy. Kublai Khan has lots of touring coming up, and will be on the road doing runs in three different continents before Christmas. It’s no wonder why they named their album Nomad — these guys are crazy busy and never home!

I was able to speak to Matt Honeycutt. In the interview we discussed the tour, Nomad, and writing their music.

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Matt of Kublai Khan Discusses Nomad and Touring