Diabolic Live Footage at Metal for the Military

Diabolic Live Footage at Metal for the Military

Diabolic is a death metal band that is truly faultless is many ways. They have a distinctive style while blending in perfectly with the myriad of extreme metal bands. Soon, Diabolic will rise to their zenith with a new album and tour.

The most striking characteristic of Diabolic is their heaviness. While they have technical qualities such as piercing guitar solos, their style has that classic old-school heaviness. I think a lot of that comes from drummer Aantar Lee Coates’ drumming style; in my interview, Aantar discussed a lot of his versatile drumming influences. It’s hard to believe, but earlier death metal bands had no other influences than the bands they love. There were no “death metal icons” so they created their own style. I think this is a concept Diabolic understands, which is why they mesh so well with other old-school bands, especially since they’re technically a newer death metal band.

When I saw them perform recently, it was the best I’ve seen them. Each piece of their set was executed perfectly. I truly think Diabolic is partaking in a new beginning.

I was able to see Diabolic play at Metal for the Military on September 2 at the Crowbar in Tampa, Florida. Here is footage from their set.

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Diabolic Live Footage at Metal for the Military