The Melvins – Infernal TV Episode 6

The Melvins – Infernal TV Episode 6

There will never be another band like the Melvins. The masterminds of Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover combined to make legendary music. And joined by Steven Shane McDonald, the Melvins will perpetually be unstoppable.

The Melvins have been around as long as 1983. While their image has always been unique and crazy, they always release great music.

They’re one of the oldest bands around, but they still tour constantly and release new albums. This is one of the many reasons why the Melvins are one of the most influential bands.

I caught the Melvins at The Orpheum in Tampa, Florida on September 16. I’ve seen them three times: once as a supporting band, once in a major festival, and once as a headliner. Each time I saw them play, they killed it. You become encompassed in the Melvins’ energy. They played a mix of older material and newer material off of their latest album A Walk with Love & Death Each song sounds exactly the same way it does on the album. And it was super cool when Spotlights joined Melvins for “Hung Bunny” and “Roman Dog.”

Episode 6 of Infernal TV is all about the Melvins. This episode features the live footage and my review of the show.

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The Melvins – Infernal TV Episode 6