Melvins Performance – Tampa, Florida 9/16

Melvins Performance – Tampa, Florida 9/16

It’s easy to become absorbed in the Melvins’ music. There is a deranged charm behind the genius three-piece of Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover, and Steven Shane McDonald. This is one of the most iconic bands and it’s impossible to put a name to the trademark sound of the Melvins. This is why the Melvins have always remained an influential band to musicians and bands of all genres.

Melvins formed in 1983 and are still going strong, touring all the time which includes playing major festivals. It still amazes me how tight their set is and how each song sounds exactly the same as it does on record.

I’ve seen the Melvins three times now and all of their sets have been exhilarating. You become engulfed in the heaviness of the music and are forced to headbang. Hearing Osborne’s singular howling voice never gets old, he’s definitely one of my favorite vocalists. The only thing I didn’t like is they didn’t play any material off of the album Houdini which is my favorite album from Melvins. But overall, they played a killer set!

I took some footage of Melvins’ set when they played The Orpheum in Tampa, Florida on September 16. This footage includes a special performance of “Hung Bunny” and “Roman Dog Bird”, where Melvins was joined by Spotlights.

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Melvins Performance – Tampa, Florida 9/16