Aantar Lee Coates of Diabolic Discusses New Music and Drumming

Aantar Lee Coates of Diabolic Discusses New Music and Drumming

Diabolic is an example of death metal done perfectly. Their sound is ferocious, but with enough technicality to keep you guessing. Each song is crushing but intricate enough to where you’re hooked. This proves the musicians of Diabolic are skilled in their playing and their songwriting.

Diabolic is the band from mastermind and drummer Aantar Lee Coates. Formed in 1996, this band was new to Tampa’s legendary metal scene, but was quickly accepted amongst the iconic death metal bands. Diabolic’s unmerciful sound blends the best of old-school death metal with the technical style of modern death metal bands. And with each album, Diabolic only grows stronger.

Diabolic was accepted in the extreme metal community, even exceeding Tampa. This younger band has toured with popular bands such as Cannibal Corpse and Dimmu Borgir. And Diabolic isn’t stopping anytime soon. For the near future, Diabolic plans to release a new album and play death metal festivals.

Diabolic houses many incredible musicians. Aantar’s drumming style is extremely fast, but his technicality and skill are what set him apart from most death metal drummers. Kelly McLaughlin and Jerry Mortellaro shred their way through each song. And now that Diabolic recently recruited bassist and vocalist Jesse Jolly, Diabolic can successfully pierce the masses.

I was able to speak with Aantar when they played Metal for the Military in Tampa at the Crowbar. In the interview, we discuss the show, new music, Jesse Jolly, his drumming technique, and the band.

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Aantar Lee Coates of Diabolic Discusses New Music and Drumming