Infernal TV Episode 4 – Brutality

Infernal TV Episode 4 – Brutality

Brutality is one of the most forceful bands in the death metal genre. Their overall atmosphere is chilling while remaining vigorous. This is one of the many reasons why Brutality has remained iconic.

Compared to the other bands of the genre, Brutality was much more advanced before their time. While Brutality packs a lot of punch into their sound, their trademark is their excellent songwriting — I’m especially a fan of their signature use of wailing guitars and melodic riffing paired with intricate soloing. Existing at the very beginnings of extreme metal, Brutality coined their natural sound of heaviness with the melodic accents.

Brutality formed in 1988 and released their debut album Screams of Anguish in 1993. They endured years of releasing albums and touring before briefly disbanding in the mid-2000’s. But in 2012, Brutality reformed. Today, Brutality continues to write music and perform. Brutality is more enthusiastic than ever.

Brutality is a band that’s always eager to perform. In the interview, Brutality mentioned they have three shows coming up: Metal for the Military in Tampa, Louisville Deathfest, and Mass Destruction Festival in Atlanta. Witnessing a live show from Brutality is truly a spectacle; they coerce you to act insane, moshing and thrashing about. Before you know it, you’ll be totally submerged in Brutality.

Episode 4 of Infernal TV is dedicated to Brutality. This episode features an exclusive interview with the band and footage of one of their dress rehearsals.

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Infernal TV Episode 4 – Brutality