Brutality Live Footage Montage

Brutality Live Footage Montage

Brutality can only be described as an explosion of swift riffs and drumming while still writing music that’s obliterating. Notably, Brutality has always declared their dexterity with slaying solos. But Brutality’s claim to extreme metal notoriety is the force behind the music they create. While Brutality is often characterized amongst the list of other legendary Tampa death metal bands, Brutality has always remained singular. Because of this, a live set from Brutality is nothing short of exhilarating.

This footage is comprised of a montage recorded during one of Brutality’s rehearsals. Feeling the strength of the music combined with watching the skill of these musicians completes the Brutality live experience.

One of the many aspects I love about extreme metal bands is their generosity. Brutality was nice enough to welcome me into their rehearsal, allowed me to film them performing and take pictures. They even took a break in the middle of their set to do an interview. This gratitude doesn’t go unnoticed — Brutality will always have my support!

For the near future, Brutality already has a lot planned. They’re working on new music and should be releasing that material soon. As well as that, they are playing Louisville Death Fest and Mass Destruction Festival.

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Brutality Live Footage Montage